Sounds that Inspire - Must-have music for the artist studio

February 20 2019 – Nelson Ruger

Sounds that Inspire - Must-have music for the artist studio
Sounds that Inspire - Must-have music for the artist studio

Get your groove on

I’m an artist whose environment directly affects the art I paint. Having my studio set up in a way that I can easily fall into a groove is critical for creating art that speaks to the soul.  I spend a good amount of time making sure my painting space is comfortable and inspires me.

Inside the Artist Studio - Artist at work

You are your environment

Just as important as the physical space is the soundscape. Having the right music playing can totally charge the paint session with incredible, undeniable energy. For example, the painting Everybody Knows, vol.1 was driven from listening to the soundtrack from Justice League, specifically the track Everybody Knows, hence the title of the painting. The music seeps right into the art - and if you listen to the track, I think you’ll find it resonates in the tones, shapes, and color.

Urban City Street Wall Art - Original Oil Painting

Music and Art : powerful and inspiring

The effect of music on my art became readily apparent about 2 years ago during a last-minute painting session at the end of a business trip. We had to get to the airport and had a very small window to create some new acrylic ocean wave art.

I was working fast, but not feeling the flow. The piece was stalling.

Pump up the Volume

We needed something to boost the mood, so we put on Destiny by artist Ryan Farish - specifically Then Came The Sun.

Ryan Farish - Destiny

Ryan’s music naturally lifts my spirit, mood, and vibe. He is a master composer and multi-instrumentalist with an incredible and varied range. Though described as “positive chillout”, that doesn’t begin to describe the breadth of his soundscapes. An incredible mix of ambient and techno all wrapped in positivity and light, Ryan’s music never fails to lift me up and charge my soul.

The Energy of Music and Soul

Within minutes, the space was positively charged and the art course corrected.  Paint strokes and color went from being bland and flat to a vibrant, wild sea filled with mystery. Some amazing accidents happened while we painted - a few drips here and there carved an organic and human element into the art, yet kept the movement and energy of big surf artwork.

Ocean Wave Art painted by Nelson while listening to Ryan Farish

Positive Vibes infuse Energy and Movement into Art

This organic energy from Destiny wove right into creating the wild energy of the core of the wave - and led naturally to the shaping of the face inside the tube. Originally unintentional, once the vibes of the music led me here, I kept those vibes going, and let the paint naturally form the shape of a pair of eyes and an ethereal face (perhaps that of Neptune - god of the oceans) leading us to call this piece “Neptune’s Thunder”.

The Eyes of Neptune - original nautical art by Nelson

Now, when we paint, you’ll usually hear Ryan’s soundscapes in the background keeping us pumped and feeling the good vibes, tranquility, and zen. 

Check out our extensive Ryan Farish playlist on Spotify if you need some positive vibes and get yourself going!


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