Art Commissions with 5th & Rugged

1. The Discovery Phase

We want to get to know you and your vision, so we’ll discuss what type of artwork you’re looking for, the materials needed, and any other specific requirements. Once we’ve gathered enough information, we will create an initial sketch of your art piece that highlights the unique aspects of your project.

2. The Refinement Phase

If we need to make any adjustments or additions to the sketch, we can work together on a digital sketch to refine elements and details until it is just right. Payment for the second phase is due upon approval.

3. The Creation Phase

After ordering only high-quality materials that best suit your vision and project needs, our team starts creating the actual art piece. Depending on how complex it is, this part of the process usually takes around 8 weeks.

4. Quality Testing

When we have reached 75-90% completion, we will send photos of the artwork for approval before making finishing touches with top-notch protective finishes designed specifically to enhance its color and longevity. The final payment is due upon approval by you!

5. Dry Tme

Oil-based paints typically take 6-8 weeks to dry completely, much longer if using palette knife techniques, while acrylics take much less time. This waiting time varies depending on the size of the art piece and what kind of materials were used in its creation.

6. Delivery!

After drying time is complete, we will securely package your artwork for safe shipping directly to you! Enjoy your one-of-a-kind masterpiece for years to come!