Meet Nelson

Nelson Ruger, artist and co-owner of 5th & Rugged, breathes new life into coastal art and design. His journey began in the world of theatrical design, culminating in a Broadway Lighting Design debut in 1998. Captivated by watercolor painting during an idyllic beachfront class in Ocean City, his passion for art surged like the first waves of summer. Initially establishing a studio in Virginia, he later ventured to Los Angeles as creative director for immersive experiences. In 2015, Nelson joined forces with Amy Wilson, and 5th & Rugged was born. Now residing in Florida, he crafts mesmerizing art and hand-painted glassware, capturing the essence of towering waves, swaying palms, and radiant sunsets, infusing every piece with a touch of paradise.

Meet Amy

Amy Wilson, marketing maven and co-owner of 5th & Rugged, weaves her magic to create stunning art experiences. With a proven track record of transforming insights into innovative strategies for Fortune 500 clients, Amy's leadership has paved the way for multi-million dollar growth and award-winning marketing creations. Her artistic flair shines through in her captivating art, utilizing mesmerizing epoxy resin. Amy's exceptional communication skills and collaborative spirit make her an invaluable visionary, adding a touch of brilliance to every conversation. Together with Nelson Ruger, she crafts a tropical paradise that beckons you to immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of 5th & Rugged.