Bright Lights, Big Cities…

February 28 2019 – Amy Wilson

Bright Lights, Big Cities…
Bright Lights, Big Cities…

and all the People of Wonder and Citizens of Humanity that we Paint to Live in and Under Them. 

What is it that catches your eye in a painting or a photograph of a city? Is it the lighting, the people, the busy streets? Is it a memory of a time or place or maybe it invokes a bit of a wanderlust. Personally, I think they are full of amazing stories! Don’t get me wrong, I am a total beach girl for life, my heart bleeds salt water, but the city is a part of my soul forever and always. So, when Nelson decided he wanted to try painting urban scenes and we started designing them together… hello happy place!! 

We have designed roughly a dozen or so city/urban scenes now together that Nelson has painted over the last 12-14 months, and although the structural detail, total composition, color and the lighting (wow the lighting!) has always been super fun to work on together, the people are the most interesting to me which is odd since neither of us are portrait artists or figure artists or even admittedly very good with people at all frankly. Nelson will be the first one to tell you and I would back it up about myself as well. It’s just not our thing.

BUT… These pieces are SO intensely about the stories they are telling and the “people of wonder” and the “citizens of humanity” that are in them that you can FEEL them walking down the street… You know their names… You feel the snow on the back of their shoulders… You hear the old Frank Sinatra music playing and the wind blowing.

As I write, we have been working on another Gotham piece and I have been refraining from desperately wanting to write a backstory to the fedora wearing cigarette smoking grey haired haggard man about to cross the street for the last 3 hours now. Actually... I think you guys should take a shot at it instead. Why should we have all the fun, right?


We will post the top 3 stories, the one with the most likes via our Instagram and or Facebook pages combined and get a free canvas reproduction! 

Tell us your story behind our city... and GO! 

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  • George : March 01, 2019
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    Not long ago there was a Man named Benjamin Velvel that would walk throughout Gotham .He was a stock market trader better know as Wolf. Many often would ask why , but he would just smile and say I love to howl at the moon . And everyone would laugh.

    Little did they know that he was a werewolf that was forever a slave to the moon. But would also literally eat up the competition or any in his way.

    Recently, he was on Facebook came across an Artist named Nelson ! He was amazed-by the Art 🖼 especially since he had never been to a beach. And dreamed of surfing and maybe someday swimming with a mermaid. He ordered the whole collection to display in his Manhattan home .He went to pick up the artwork and both started to celebrate with Bloody Mary’s and exchanged storys . Benjamin actually told him the story of his life but didn’t notice that there was a Full moon that night !

    The End

    Moral of the Story: Always use Fed Ex when your customer absolutely needs it Overnight !

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