4 Must-Try Home Decor and Color Trends for 2019

February 13 2019 – Chelsea Vincent

4 Must-Try Home Decor and Color Trends for 2019
4 Must-Try Home Decor and Color Trends for 2019

How to Make Your Home Come Alive this Spring

By Chelsea Vincent - Guest Blogger and Wellness Expert

4 Must-Try Home Decor and Color Trends for 2019

It’s hard to believe that spring is near (especially if you live in the areas formerly known as the polar vortex, aka the northeastern United States). Didn’t we just celebrate New Year’s Eve?

The truth is that, in a few weeks, it will be time for spring cleaning. I know: ugh. However, if the thought of cleaning has you sour, know that rehabbing your space also comes with a creative, fun side. You’ll soon be updating those outdated interiors which no longer bring you joy with magical changes, or, as a friend recently put it, Marie Kondo-ing your space.

Not sure where to start? These are the 2019 home design trends you’ll want to jump on, to bring fresh energy, warm fuzzies, and good vibes to your space.

1. Artisanal Elements

    Well, the people have spoken: in 2019, we want less factory-made items, and more products created by local makers. While Amazon is still a force to be reckoned with, more and more people are turning to smaller eCommerce sources which produce home decor items from, well, hand.

    I mean, let’s be honest here – have you ever ordered a piece of decor from Amazon which actually made you feel like you were connected with a local artist? That tacky shower curtain with a pixelated cat on a piece of flying pizza just doesn’t do it. But if someone had hand-embroidered that same curtain? Now that’s a different story.

    Many of us are more wired-in than ever, and yet we feel less integrated with our own communities. Thus, pieces made by local artists allow us to evoke warmth and belonging, as well as share stories and boost our own communities – hell yeah!

    4 Must-Try Home Decor and Color Trends for 2019 - Green Living Spaces

    2. Nature-Inspired Decor

      Tired of technology ruling your life? You’re not alone. Because we spend so much time glued to our screens – for work and for play, let’s be real – it’s refreshing to bring a little bit of the natural world into the busy indoor hustle.

      Looking for ways to bring some of the great outdoors into your living space? Plants and succulents, raw gemstones, skylights, jute rugs, nature-centered artwork, and stonework all work well to inspire both creativity and calm. Especially while the weather may still be too cold to get outside and enjoy the real thing, add some of these items, to create your own personal oasis inside.

      3. Rich, Vibrant, Warm Colors

        Last year was the year of muted colors, and everyone wanted soft, cozy rose gold, dusty mauve, taupe, or sage throughout their living space. It was pretty. But this year, it’s time to be bold.

        For 2019, the color palette is all about bold colors, from blood orange to forest green, from ocean blue to canary yellow. Not only do these bright tones call out to our playful sides, but they also enable interiors to be energizing, lush, or even dramatic. Try incorporating contrasting colors in a family room, or add pops of bright shapes and patterns as statement pieces and conversation starters.

        4. Unique Pieces with Personality

          Part of the reason platforms like Etsy and local craft fairs have become so popular in the last five years or so is that people no longer want to be copies of each other. Heck, I paid $10 for admission to a craft fair last year simply because I knew it would be full of things which were one-of-a-kind.

          This same trend extends to home decor in 2019, when designers predict folks will lean even more into the artwork, textiles, and individual elements which create happiness. Viva la individual, including his or her unique spin on decor!

          With these four simple suggestions, you can elevate your home to a whole new space this spring. Comment below to tell us what you plan on doing, to give your room or house a little pick-me-up!


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