Endless vs. Windswept - A study in progression

February 04 2019 – Nelson Ruger

Endless vs. Windswept - A study in progression
Endless vs. Windswept - A study in progression

 It's all about Practice Practice Practice

Ocean Art Comparisons - New and Old Art by Nelson

I was talking with my partner Amy about our most recent artwork - Windswept, vol.1, which was painted entirely with a palette knife.

Looking Back

Amy then reminded me that we were coming up on the anniversary of the painting of The Endless, vol.1.

This was back when we were just getting started.  I love doing ocean art, and Endless allowed me to play with speed and movement and rough water.

Lighting is Key

Lately, tho, I've been fascinated by how light plays in and on water.  My latest piece, Windswept, vol.1, plays heavily with light as it passes through the thinning water of the rising crest.

I love the heavy texture of the palette knife, and the vibrancy of color, as well as the frothy, foamy trails that rise up out of the sea with the crest of the wave.  However, it still hast he movement and energy of Endless.

Painting is a passion

I painted Windswept out of a primal need to paint the ocean.  It had been too long since we did some of our more traditional ocean art, and although I really wanted to work on more time-consuming brush-oil artwork, all I had time for was a palette knife piece, so I just jumped in and did it.

I love the contrast between the two pieces, Endless and Windswept.  They show a real evolution in style, yet are beautiful each in their own way.

Ocean Art Comparisons - Endless, vol.1 vs. Windswept vol.1

Which one do you like better?

The Endless, vol.1 is SOLD, but Art Canvases are still available!

Windswept, vol.1 original artwork is currently available for purchase!  Check it out or e-mail us for more info!


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