New 2019 Beach Cocktail Glassware - at an introductory price

September 01 2019 – Nelson Ruger

New 2019 Beach Cocktail Glassware - at an introductory price
New 2019 Beach Cocktail Glassware - at an introductory price

Like flying over the sea...except you're probably on your couch.

Hand Painted Beach Martini Glasses by Nelson Ruger

New Beach Cocktail Glasses - more styles coming soon!

It's you know what that means.  Back to school.  Shorter Days.  Longer nights.

And new Huli Pau Glassware!

Tropical martini glasses by Nelson Ruger

Pretty cool, huh?

We've literally spent the last five or six months working on these and coming up with a way to give you the vibes of looking at surf from a birds-eye view.  We tried lots of things - liquid paint pours, heat guns, attaching our glassware to seagulls as they flew over the beach (wow that went really badly (KIDDING WE DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO THAT) - and then one day we hit it - using Pebo Resins like a pour...but...different...

But we really love this new glassware!  And we'll be offering a new style or two this fall - but if there's something you desperately want, drop us a line and let us know.  We will be offering a limited amount of styles this year, but we want to be able to give you what you want.

In fact, we want you to have it so much, that we are offering our new glassware at an introductory price of $5 off the normal price for each glass through September 9th!

If you don't see what you want in this year's glassware, email us at and tell us what you want.  If we can make it happen, we will!

And be sure to check out the remainder of our previous glassware collections - we are almost out of them, but we have a few left.


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