The Art of Ryan Farish's "Art for Life"

September 04 2019 – Amy Wilson

The Art of Ryan Farish's "Art for Life"
The Art of Ryan Farish's "Art for Life"

A collaboration nearly two years in the making...

The process of creating the art for Art for Life by Nelson Makes Art

Hello, friends!

In years past, you have heard us talk about, and heard us play, the music of our friend, acclaimed electronic music artist Ryan Farish.
It is our honor to announce that his 18th studio album, "Art for Life" will be released on October 11.

Pre-orders have begun on iTunes and Google Play, and all pre-orders from iTunes will receive 5 songs immediately from the album.
But...why are we helping to announce an album??

Is Nelson finally going to start that awesome hair band that we have all been waiting for?

Thankfully, no.

Nelson is staying behind the easel doing what he does best, which is NOT singing.

Ryan Farish's Art for Life

The Art for "Art for Life"

Ryan and Nelson's longtime friendship and mutual passion for art of all kinds has lead us down a path to an amazing collaboration.

Ryan's music has inspired Nelson's for years, and as their respective repertoire's grew, they kept finding themselves searching for more - for a way for their individual works to build on each other and create something unique in the world of electronic music.

We are pleased to share that in the pursuit of the most authentic expression of "Art", Ryan choose to work with Nelson to create a collaborative set of artwork for the release of "Art for Life".

A total of four paintings were created for "Art for Life" - each one a result of a direct collaboration between Ryan and Nelson, with their most successful work together chosen as the album cover.

The embodiment of their pursuits of "Art for Life."

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The Art for Life Art Collection by Ryan Farish and Nelson Makes Art

The Art for Life Art Collection

As part of this release, we are also proud to announce The Art for Life Collection.  Beginning with Pre-Orders of :

Official Art for Life Apparel - new in the store!

We can't wait to share more of the process that went into this collaborative experience.  Keep an eye out here for lots more details and information, but in the meantime, here's just a few photos from the creation of "Art for Life".

 Ryan Farish's Art for Life Painting Process by Nelson Ruger

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From Ryan Farish News:

“I've always connected with the positive feelings Nelson expresses in his paintings, and over the course of two years we worked together to bring the perfect "feeling" in paint, to the feelings of the music in "Art for Life". 
The title of this album comes from the idea that music, and the expression of art for me, isn't something that I do, it is a direct reflection of who I am, and my life. All of this actually, is because of you guys. Seriously, it's the connection that we share and have shared over the years, and thanks to your support that you guys have given me the opportunity to purse a life dedicated to my family, and to music. Of course I have always connected with the album titles to all of my albums, but this album really holds a special significance to me and to how my life is so surrounded by music. ”  - Ryan Farish

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  • nicole: September 04, 2019
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    Congratulations, Nelson! The cover is spectacularly gorgeous. I am, however, still holding out for the hair band….

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