Discover Affordable Wall Art

July 02 2019 – Nelson Ruger

Discover Affordable Wall Art
Discover Affordable Wall Art

Celebrate Independence Day and our best show yet with reduced Wall Art prices!

 Affordable Wall Art and Home Decor Sale by Nelson

We just got back from Des Moines, Iowa and Artfest Midwest was GREAT!  We met so many amazing people, found homes for more artwork than I ever expected, and were humbled by the reaction from so many of you to our work and how it connected to you.

Thank you so much.  We are insanely grateful!

We have a bunch of pics and stories to upload, and we will get to that soon!  But in the meantime, we wanted to celebrate Artfest Midwest and July 4th by continuing our Show Prices for our online store on Original Art, Limited Edition Embellished Prints, and Capsule Tales!

At every Art Show, we reduce our prices down to easy to remember prices - whole numbers and so on...both as a thank you for stopping by our booth and for making the inevitable discussions about price easier to have.  And after a great show like AFMW, we wanted to share that love with everybody!

Best Limited Edition Wall Art for you by Nelson

A late addition to the show was our new Limited Edition Embellished Prints series.

We want you to have our art in your home, office, lounge, wherever.  And we also know original art can be expensive.  Our Limited Edition Embellished Prints are a great alternative.

Original Art and Limited Edition Embellished Prints by Nelson

Each Limited Edition Print begins as a canvas reproduction.  We then paint over that canvas in selected areas (which can include small selective parts or up to the whole canvas) using a variety of mediums - acrylics, oils, Posca Pens, etc...enhancing and changing details and more, making each a unique take on the original art. We even add texture and shaping gel to give the pieces even more dimensionality.  By the time I'm done, it's almost as if you own a true original piece.  And you kind of do as each is signed and numbered by the artist.

Best small artwork for sale by Nelson

Another new addition to this show were our Capsule Tales!  Unique, story based art sealed in clear resin, these were some of the favorites by our customers this year.  You can read more about them in our previous blog entry, or check out the Capsule Tales Collection for yourself.


And of course, our entire Original Art Collection has reduced prices, too, and will remain reduced through July 8th.

Thanks again for making us a part of your lives.  We think you're pretty awesome, too.


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