Celebrate Adventure Event!

December 26 2017 – Nelson Ruger

Celebrate Adventure Event!
Celebrate Adventure Event!

2018 will be a year of Adventure

Leave your baggage at home.  It's time to get out of the comfort zone you've been lingering in for far too long and get out there!  This little blue marble we live on is full of wonder, and so much of it is usually right around the corner if you just get up and go check it out!  

Adventure is everywhere

Whether it's choosing to get outside for a weekend of camping instead of camping out on your couch or choosing to walk to a new place for lunch instead of sitting at your desk or getting your certification in SCUBA diving so you can finally prove that the mermaid you saw when you were a kid was real... won't regret it.

GO - You Won't Regret It Art Print

And we're here to inspire you to do it.  From now until January 3rd, 2018 - we're going to bring you helpful tips and inspiring blog posts, exciting recipes (cocktails & otherwise), inspiring videos, and awesome deals on our art and Adventure Jewelry and more to make sure that you have all the fuel you need to fight off those dreaded comfort zones and the mental lead weights you attached to your feet a long time ago without even knowing it.

Get fired up with our 2018 Adventure Quiz

To get you rolling, we came up with this awesome quiz to determine what your Big 2018 Adventure will be!  Are you going to climb mountains?  Are you going to fight dragons (literal or proverbial, your choice)?  Are you going to learn to surf in Hawaii?  Find out here!

Make Adventure a part of your life

So let's put something right into your life to remind you why you're here.  To get you fired up and excited about life as an adventure!  And we want to help you do it with our Celebrate Adventure Sale!

Major Breaks on the things you love

Art Canvases, Art Prints, Jewelry, and our 2017 Menehune Surfboard Ornament Collection are all on sale for 15% off.  So you can get huge art, small art, mobile wearable art, or surfboard art for wherever you need it to remind you to JUST GO at a price you'll love.

Say "YES" to Adventure

The best adventures in life are sometimes the one's right around the corner, we just forget to go for the walk to see it!  So tell that Comfort Zone to take a hike!  Exile it to places far away!  Let our art set the fear on fire and let the fires warm your heart and soul.  Take the quiz, hang or wear the art...

...and take the pledge with us...




We'll be right there with you.  If you have questions about what art might help you start your journey, message us!  Shoot us an email or Facebook Message, and let's get you started.

We'll see you on the other side of adventure in 2018.



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