December 21 2017 – Nelson Ruger


You guys.  Seriously.  Thank you.

This was our first year digging into bringing you our vision for a better life through our art.  And what a year.  We've made more art and created more new and awesome things for you this year than ever before.  

And no matter what, we never stopped listening to you.  

  • You said we should do more acrylic painting.  So we did.  And those early Tower Life pieces were a smash success.
  • We heard you when you said we should switch to oil paints and we should do more live painting broadcasts on Periscope.  And wow, have we done a lot.
  • You wanted new and higher quality alternatives to our paper art prints, so we gave you Art Canvases.
  • We heard you say that you really, really liked our new resin jewelry pieces, including our new Mermaids.  And wow do you like them.
  • You asked for more shipping options, so we gave them to you.  All of them.  No, really.  All of them.
  • We heard you loud and clear that our old website just didn't cut it, so we spent months switching over to Shopify, and the response was great!  And we know we can still do more and do better.  Keep that input coming, and soon we will have the greatest website in the entire universe!  Or something.
  • The launch of the new website & our Vibes Loyalty Program this year came with a TON of new friends, fans, advocates, and fellow adventurers, and you spread the word about our vision around the world.  Literally.  Good job, everybody!
  • You asked for a way to support our art directly without just buying more stuff.  So we made a Patreon, and you seem to love it!
  • You asked us to talk more about our mission and our vision for the future.  So we started a Youtube Channel.  And to be honest that's about all we did.  That'll be expanding in 2018.

You took a chance on us.

You took a big risk and chose to stop outside of your comfort zone with us.  We aren't big box.  We don't have the weight of a bigger, much fancier retailer, or have the backing of billionaires.  Instead, we have heart, and more importantly, we have you.  We have your spirit of adventure and your dedication to having a life full of amazing experiences that you love and cherish every single day.

It only gets better from here.

And in 2018, we're going to blow that out of the water.  We're going to keep all the personal touches and input and really spread our wings.  More regular painting.  Actual live painting events.  More opportunities for you to be involved in our art and experience the journey together.  More awesome products and experiences that keep you inspired and uplifted.

2017 steeled you for the bright future ahead.

2017 was rough for a lot of people.  But guess what?  You made it though.  And that means your fire is stronger and brighter than ever before.  

Join us for the best time yet.

Commit to joining us in 2018 for a year like no other - one filled with art, adventure, life, and passion.  And bad jokes and lame puns and me being goofy on camera.

Thank you again for coming with us in 2017.  What a ride.  Let's do it again!

From all of us at Nelson Makes Art - thank you.  


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