3 Facts You Need To Know About Nelson's Gotham Art

August 08 2018 – Nelson Ruger

3 Facts You Need To Know About Nelson's Gotham Art
3 Facts You Need To Know About Nelson's Gotham Art

ICYMI - The Walking Man, vol. 2

When it comes to my original, urban cityscape art, there a few things that might interest you.

1) I paint the city when I need to feel better

Coming as someone who is a certifiable beach bum, that might surprise you.  I started creating cityscapes as a way to find warmth and comfort when things get tough.  Cities can be dark, hard places, and one of my favorite things is finding the light and beauty in dark spaces.  Painting these allows me to find wonder in the city, and bring some wonder back into my everyday life just by painting it.  

Like a lot of my art, The Walking Man, vol. 2 is on a 16x20" canvas, painted in oils, the whole piece was done using various palette knives, rather than brushes.

Urban Cityscape Oil Painting by Nelson Makes Art

2) I started out as a theatrical Scenic and Lighting Designer

I spent years creating visuals for theatrical productions across the USA, so I had to learn how to draw and paint in perspective very early on.  It makes buildings and urban atmosphere a breeze. 

Street Art at Sunset by Nelson

2a) I designed a show on Broadway at 25

It was my life dream.  After that, everything else I've done has just been a bonus.

Rainy City Street Artwork by Nelson

3) I have never taken a "real" art class

I am that guy.  I've taken a few community art classes as well as the occasional online classes here and there, but nothing serious.  It's just time and practice

Gotham City Twilight Art by Nelson

Both the original oil painting as well as art canvas prints are available!

The Walking Man, vol. 2 follows a series of urban cityscape artwork, all done with palette knife and oils over the past year. Some of the others in the series include: 

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