High Demand Artwork! Did you get yours?

August 17 2018 – Amy Wilson

High Demand Artwork!  Did you get yours?
High Demand Artwork! Did you get yours?

Chances are, if you've visited the Original Art Collection recently, you'll now notice it is comparatively empty!  

This is because we have shipped almost all of our current collection back east in time for the Virginia Beach Neptune Art Festival and the Epic Rides Event in Bentonville, Arkansas!

If there was a piece you wanted and no longer see it listing, feel free to contact us.  All our original art will be available again starting September 28th at noon, and will be hanging at booth 2820 at the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival, and also available for purchase online.

Come say hi!  Meet the artist, hang out with us, and let's share stories about the things we love and live for.   We hope to see you!


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