Nelson at House of Blues with El Yucateco®

September 09 2017 – Amy Wilson

Nelson at House of Blues with El Yucateco®
Nelson at House of Blues with El Yucateco®

Last weekend (August 20th, 2017)

Nelson joined forces with El Yucateco® hot sauce at the House of Blues

in Anaheim, California to drink, dance, sign prints, hang out with fans, and help promote some really tasty hot sauce.

The El Yucateco® hot sauce team were in town for the third annual California Hot Sauce Expo, running a stellar booth at the festival,

offering up a variety of wickedly delicious cocktails mixed with various El Yucateco® flavors,

and hosting a VIP event to highlight their partnership with the House of Blues.  Not only can you find El Yucateco® sauces as condiments in all House of Blues locations, but the chefs use the various flavors in several signature dishes, including chipotle mac-and-cheese and a great cocktail called the Electric Rodeo.

Since 2016, Nelson has partnered with El Yucateco® to create the art for their yearly Go Native ad campaign, which included a pair of hand-painted surfboards and a series of original paintings featuring hot sauce bottles in iconic locations across the United States.

These paintings were such a hit that the originals are now featured in many House of Blues restaurants, including the new Anaheim venue at Garden Walk.

During Sunday’s Gospel Brunch, Nelson was on hand to sign a limited number of art prints of the Anaheim painting and chat with fans while they hung out, enjoyed the soulful music, delicious food, and tried various hot sauces and recipes.

Nelson doesn't just paint for El Yucateco®, he is a fan of their sauces as well. 

One of his favorite recipes is the Green Devil Margarita.

Want to give it a try?

There were drinks. There was dancing. There was music and there was art.

We want to do it again!

Keep an eye on our newsletter or social feeds and we’ll let you know when and where the next party crops up!


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