Help us help Texas!

September 01 2017 – Nelson Ruger

Help us help Texas!
Help us help Texas!

Hurricane Harvey hit hard.  We're going to help Texas hit back.

Okay so no we don't advocate violence and we aren't suggesting you go out and try and punch the sky.  BUT!  If you'd like to help us help out all the pets and animals that have been hurt or displaced during this storm, and look real darn good while doing it, then go ahead and grab one of our "Hangin' Tough" T-shirts! 

Help us help Texas!

All the proceeds of the T-shirts purchased through October, 100% of them, go straight to the Humane Society of the United States and their relief efforts in Texas.

And as a bonus, our production partner, Androos Art and Artisan Printing are both located in Texas, so nearly all the funds to to Texas one way or another.  Win!

So grab your Lone Star spirit, and surf into Texas and help our little friends out.  They need it.  Check out links to the Tshirts below! Thanks!

Hangin' Tough Women's Crew Neck

Hangin' Tough Men's Crew Neck


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