Fortune and Glory!

December 29 2017 – Nelson Ruger

Fortune and Glory!
Fortune and Glory!

Still looking for New Years Plans? Grab your hats and trusty whips, my friends, we have an adventure planned for you...

You are Indiana Jones.  Kind of.

Finding high adventure isn't always easy.  It usually requires lots of time and energy getting yourself to remote spots and then there's usually some kind of villain there who want to take all your stuff and then everybody else's stuff, and then take over the world while they're at it.  So not cool.  

But, on the other hand, high adventure is fun.  Feeling your heart racing as you make that daredevil escape from the collapsing ruins is amazing, and to be honest, sometimes it's just a little bit better when you're not actually about to get crushed in the process.  We know you want to get out there and explore and adventure just like we do, but rainy days happen, and sometimes you just want to enjoy the comforts of home while you're seeking out strange relics in a death trap in Antartica.  And as we are heading into New Years Eve, and you may be looking for a way to spend the evening having some fun with friends or family or maybe even just you in an adventurous new way while you enjoy some awesome pizza...

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art! 

Daredevil Adventures and Thrilling Encounters

Ancient temples filled with deadly traps and riches beyond imagination.  Lost relics imbued with magical powers, and curses to ruin a mortal soul.  Secret, doomsday societies and Nazi occultists scour the Earth for power beyond measure while everyday heroes and treasure hunters race to stop them!

These are just some of the adventures waiting for you with the outrageously fun and fast paced boardgame - Fortune and Glory, by Flying Frog Games!


Globetrotting Adventures for Ancient Relics

As part of our Celebrate Adventure Event, we thought we'd bring you a great way to experience wild adventures right here at home!  Not everyone is interested in scouring jungles and endless deserts in search of lost treasures for real (and we totally get why - I mean come on, there's not enough sunscreen in California to make me scour the Sahara Desert for the lost ruins of (insert unpronounceable lost civilization here)) BUT...

I have always loved Indiana Jones.

And I loved National Treasure with Nicholas Cage (and Sean Bean!)

And Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider series.

Time to get your Indiana Jones on.

Many of you might not know, but I am an avid gamer.  I love deep, storytelling-heavy video games, but those don't usually allow for my friends to play with me.  So when I need to dive deep into tomb raiding or treasure hunting... I grab a couple of my friends and head straight into Fortune and Glory.

Fortune and Glory (which I'll refer to as F&G from here on out) is a big big big boardgame with lots of tiny pieces that are so awesome you're going to want to look at them for days.  It comes from the awesome folks at Flying Frog, who have a tendency to create these incredibly story-rich games that are driven by a narrative that you create as you play.  They place you in a world that's rich and deep yet also allows tons of opportunity for you to craft your own amazing story within the confines of a beautifully detailed board, cool tokens, and great characters.

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art!

Make Adventuring Fun Again

The entire game takes place during the late 1930's - as the world is about to erupt into conflict, you play as one of a small but daring group of adventurers that search the globe in search of ancient treasures and artifacts.  It's an era of spies and bare-fisted brawling in dangerous tombs and smoky, remote taverns high atop some unnamed mountain.  A time of car chases through densely packed urban streets and duels with crazy doomsday occultists on zeppelins.  

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art!

In short, F&G sets the stage for all the globetrotting, Pulp-Era Adventuring you can stand, and with all the complexity you could ask for and still get a fast-paced good time.  All of the adventures are randomly generated by a bunch of separately chosen cards - one with a type of an object or place, and then a descriptor.  So you pull two cards from separate decks and one reads "The Staff" and the other reads "of Osiris".  So now you're on a quest to recover "The Staff of Osiris"!   And the game highly suggests that when you go on a quest to recover the artifact, you read your character's name and the object out loud, a la "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"!  It's totally fun.   

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art!

Fun for Everyone.  Including just you.

It's simple enough that you can play alone (I did once when I was back east and snowed in) but it's an amazing good time as competitive play where you're racing to get more relics and treasures than anyone else (because they belong in an museum!).  But if you ask me, the really good time is when you play cooperatively.

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art!

In this case, as a group, you're up against a Secret Doomsday Cult...and Nazis (because for once they're not the same thing).  Each of them is out to get all the relics for themselves and either destroy the world (Secret Doomsday Cult) or rule it (Nazis), and as we all know, that's not cool.  In this mode, you're constantly running up against evil, fascist agents of evil (yes that's evil twice, because Nazis) or crazy occultists who are trying to chase you down, or steal the artifact from you, or get to the ancient ruins before you do.

Adventure wherever you are.

Fortune and Glory - Celebrate Adventure Event - Nelson Makes Art!

Awesome, right? Go! Adventure! Save the world, with your friends, right from your own coffee table. You get to be the adventurer of your dreams, having the time of your life as you journey around the world in an adventure that's never the same.

And here's the great thing - maybe one adventure will find you around the world, somewhere you never imagined going, and you'll think to yourself "It might be cool to go there."  Then you're googling flights, and lodging, and the next thing you know you're googling what you need to wear when you climb to the base camp at Everest.  Because adventure calls, this time it's just coming to you from your living room table.

Make your New Years Eve an unforgettable adventure

So... How do you make this happen for your New Year's Eve? If you want to try Fortune and Glory and your local game stores don't have a copy, Amazon does. But honestly, there are tons of others like this. The point is... Have fun! Find the adventure wherever you are, whatever your budget, schedule, or day to day constraints.

Embrace the adventure because my friends, to live is the greatest adventure of all! 

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