Adventurous Mixology - Part 2!

December 30 2017 – Nelson Ruger

Adventurous Mixology - Part 2!
Adventurous Mixology - Part 2!

Word has it from that you might be snowed in this weekend for New Years Eve!  Or maybe just cold.  Or maybe you're surrounded by palm trees and just enjoying not being cold, but wish you had something that put you in an Adventurous New Year state of mind!  

We've got you covered.

Presenting one of our all-time favorites - The Honey Blossom.  

This original concoction was invented by our amazing contributor Leigh Spencer Brown for one of our Holiday Tiki Parties as an alternative to a drink with an umbrella in it.  It's warm and flavorful, just a little sweet, and will keep you warm on cold winter nights.  And will probably put a nice big smile on your face.

Drink responsibly.  And enjoy!  

Also, did you check out our Celebrate Adventure Quiz to find out what adventure you'll take this year?  Because you totally should.

Honey Blossom Recipe | nelsonmakesart


In case you need the text copy of the recipe:

In an old fashioned, rocks or other low glass, combine the following:

~ 2 parts bourbon (we like Maker’s)
~ 1 part amaretto
~ a dash of honey (to taste)
~ a bit of ice, if that’s your style (we drink it both neat or on the rocks around here, depending on the mood and the weather)

Stir gently until combined. If you want to get fancy, garnish with a cherry, sweet apple slice or even a marigold to remember the dead.

Keeping you warm on New Years Eve

Our favorite accompaniment to soak up the warmth by the fire on a chill winter night.  It is sweet and smooth and easy on the tongue, but still packs a kick! The perfect balance of wicked and divine!

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  • Anita Roberts : January 01, 2018
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    That sounds my two favorite drinks and you are correct Makers is best… Happy New Year

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