Stunning Small Artwork for Sale!

June 12 2019 – Nelson Ruger

Stunning Small Artwork for Sale!
Stunning Small Artwork for Sale!

Introducing a vivid new art series - The Capsule Tales

Small Original Artwork for Sale - Beach House Decor
Capsule Tales combine abstract and impressionist styles with short, evocative storytelling.


We recently started ramping up for one of the few art festivals we are doing this year - ArtFest Midwest in Des Moines, Iowa on June 29 and 30. 

Due to a very busy schedule earlier in 2019, I wasn't able to get as much large wall art done as I had hoped,  

That meant it was time to change our tactics.

Beach House Decor by Nelson

From tropical dreams to urban cityscapes, our Capsule Tales have a wide range of subjects and stories  

As we started talking about paintings we could accomplish, we thought it might be fun to go back to our core: art that was not only vibrant and beautiful, but told stories in unique ways.  

We had also recently started coating several of our artworks with Resin Clear Coats to give them a unique and vivid look.

City Wall Art by Nelson

Capsule Tales present unique tales painted in impressionist and abstract styles.

That led to the creation of "Capsule Tales" - small, vivid artwork, each created with mixed media and encapsulated (enCAPSULEated - see what we did there?) within a resin clear coat that comes complete with hanging hardware AND part of an original short story sealed within an envelope on the back of the art.

Vivid Fall Artwork by Nelson

Capsule Tale #8 - what story does it tell for you?

As each tale is unique, its up to you if you want to break the wax seal and display the story with the art, or leave the envelope sealed and let the mystery of the story linger.

Tropical Hibiscus Flower Wall Art by Nelson

Even botanicals tell amazing stories.

With art ranging from Beach and Surf to Urban, Nature, and Fantasy artwork, we can't wait to premiere these on June 29th and 30th at Artfest Midwest.

Be on the look out for more details about our booth location and more!


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