How does he do that?

August 10 2017 – Nelson Ruger

How does he do that?
How does he do that?

Nelson working on a new surf wall art piece

Surf Wall Art on Facebook

Our Facebook Fan Page is more than just a way to acquire the latest and greatest Nelson surf wall art pieces, apparel, or jewelry you might like. It's also a place where you can actually hang with me while I'm painting!  

These days I'm mostly working in oil paints while using a palette knife on canvas, but hey around the holidays I usually switch over to some watercolors to show you how to make your own holiday cards (and maybe, just maybe, super cool holiday cocktails).

If you're not part of our Facebook page, come join us!  We also broadcast on Periscope.  And if you'd like regular infusions of positive awesomeness, check out Instagram Feed!


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