Fun Facts about the Holidays...and SAVINGS!

November 18 2018 – Nelson Ruger

Fun Facts about the Holidays...and SAVINGS!
Fun Facts about the Holidays...and SAVINGS!

Here at Nelson Makes Art! we care about you having the important knowledge you need to tackle life at every angle.  And this Holiday Season is no different!  So let's kick off this holidays with some super important, need-to-know info that will make you the most popular person at the family dinner table:

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President Lincoln designated the Thanksgiving holiday as the last Thursday in November, then in 1941 Congress changed it and made Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of November.

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Here is another fun holiday fact for you….

Did you know that four years ago this month, Nelson started the company with just a few listings on Etsy of hand painted glassware that he created because he missed painting SO much and needed a creative outlet from the day to day grind of his very intense job.

How many of you can relate?

Whenever you are celebrating, whatever you are doing… we want to take a moment to say we are most thankful for each and every one of YOU! All of our friends, family, customers, supporters & fans... ALL of you that have been with us through this AWESOME journey of building our company, creating art, learning new things and having the immense honor to have our creations find new homes in yours.


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