An Update from the creators of 5th & Rugged

June 19 2024 – Nelson Ruger

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Not unlike many small businesses and independent artists, the last few years since COVID have been difficult. Finding a way through the chaos and maintaining our levels of creativity, positivity and energy has been an interesting challenge. However, the last few months of 2023 brought even more challenges and changes…

On December 11th, 2023, one of the biggest supporters of Nelson Makes Art/5th and Rugged, Nelson’s dad, Bud, passed away quietly in his sleep with all of us by his side.

Bud was the epitome of hard work, ingenuity, creative thinking, passion and positivity. He was a force of nature that was always there to help set up a show, give notes on a new piece we were working on or input on a new product line.

He provided endless support, encouragement, laughter and many many slaps on the back which was his way of saying “good job kid”.

As you all know, we do all our own art, but we also do all our own website work, social media, newsletters...etc.  We appreciate all of your patience, understanding and continued loyalty and following as we take the time needed to get family business taken care of, and we all find our new normal as we go forward without him.

We're aiming for a late July/ August restart, so if you've got holiday or Halloween cravings we can satisfy, drop us a line!


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