The 12 Days of Friendsgiving!

November 15 2017 – Nelson Ruger

The 12 Days of Friendsgiving!
The 12 Days of Friendsgiving!

Break the rules? Why yes, I think we will.

Everybody knows the 12 Days of Christmas (hey even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you've probably heard the song, like...everywhere).  And everybody knows Thanksgiving (at least in America!  And Canada, eh).  We also despise Black Friday - the rushing, the consumerism, the madness.  So we're just not going to do any of that.

Instead...It's our 12 Days of Friendsgiving!

This season, we're forgoing the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Crazy Holiday Weekend Sales mindset by giving our best friends, YOU, all kinds of awesome every day for the next 12 days, starting tomorrow!  Right on on our homepage you'll see something new we want to give to you and it will change every day to keep it fresh and keep the offers moving so that you're always getting something fun and new!  

That said, we want to give you more than that this holiday season.  So every single day from November 17th thru the 28th, with every purchase you make, you'll get:

- FREE Shipping!
- FREE Gift Wrap on the following items : Holiday Ornaments, Glassware, and Jewelry
- FREE Gift with purchase of all Art Prints, Holiday Ornaments, Glassware, and Jewelry (while supplies last!)
- A FREE Holiday Wallpaper for your computer or phone from one of Nelson's awesome Holiday Art Pieces! 

The offers will change (except for the ones above) at Midnight EST every day starting on November 17th.  Check back with us every day for awesome gifts, treats, and experiences, just for you!


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