Shipping, Returns, & Privacy Info

Here's where you'll find all the small print about shipping and returns.. If you're a stickler for such things, this is the place for you. Might I suggest a new hobby that involves fun? We like fun.

Anyway, read on if you so choose.



Domestic items will be shipped UPS Ground or 2nd Day Air depending on your choice. UPS Ground usually takes 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted. I am not responsible for delays caused by UPS after your item ships.



If you would like your item shipped Next Day or Air, please convo for the price.


I do not ship with insurance. If you would like insurance added to the order, please convo me before ordering to arrange this.



I currently do not ship internationally. I’m working on it. Don’t worry; I’ll get to it.



Packages will be shipped via UPS Ground or 2nd Day Air, depending on your choice, typically within 1-3 business days unless otherwise noted.

Tracking information will be sent to the buyer upon shipping if requested.



Orders are shipped to the address you leave on file. We will not alter or change your address unless specified by the customer. We are not responsible for items shipped to addresses that are not current so please double check your information before placing your order.



We ship to the exact address provided by the purchaser. I am in no way responsible for items being mailed to the incorrect address. If UPS returns an item due to incorrect address information, I will contact the buyer asap to obtain the correct address. Buyer will be responsible for all additional shipping charges.



If you would like to have your order shipped to a different address, please make a note with your order to whom and where I should send the item to or simply send me a message with the information.

Wholesale Orders/Large Orders: Currently, I am not planning on doing wholesale orders. However, if you are interested, please send me an email and let’s talk.



 This is directly from the UPS Website:

"If a shipper should use a P.O. Box address, the recipient´s telephone number must be included on the label. Your package that is addressed to a P.O. Box may be delayed, will not be covered by any UPS Service Guarantee, and will require an address correction charge."

If you are going to be receiving your package via a P.O. Box, then you must follow the following steps before purchasing your item:

1) Be ready to include your phone number with your order

2) Let me know in advance that you are using a P.O. Box.

3) I will need to add a surcharge to your order based on a 'UPS Address Correction Charge." The amount of this charge will be dependent on UPS' current fees

If you order before contacting me, I will message you first to remind you of the issue, and I will then cancel your order. Once you have agreed to the surcharges and giving me your phone number for UPS purposes, then I will repost the item with the surcharge added to the item.

Long story short: If you can somehow avoid having your item shipped to a PO Box, do it. It's cheaper, easier, and guarantees no problems with UPS.



 In the case of any loss or damage by UPS, I will work with you to give you any supporting documentation when you put in a claim and get your money refunded from UPS. However, this is your responsibility to initiate as the purchaser and take the claim to UPS. 



I am not responsible for delays caused by UPS. I have no control over your package once it has shipped. Please use your tracking number or call UPS to inquire about the status of your package if you have a question. I estimate delivery times as specified by UPS and can not be held responsible if your package encounters a delay.

In the case of packages which are substantially delayed and ultimately lost refunds or replacements may be issued only after a UPS Case has been opened and that UPS has determined the package in question as lost or otherwise undeliverable. These determinations can take up to six weeks, or more depend on when they are opened (holiday season is especially slow). Once a determination of lost has been reached, an appropriate action (refund/replacement) will be taken on a case by case basis. While I understand that situations such as this are very frustrating, I cannot offer an immediate resolution, i.e. cancel an order/refund/or replace items before UPS has reached a determination.



 I am not responsible for packages damaged during delivery. If your package has been damaged in some way, please contact UPS to file an official complaint. I pack my orders so that they arrive safely and cannot be held responsible for postal mishandling.

Looking for a refund? Maybe an exchange? Read this first! It should tell you everything you need to know. I want you to be happy with your Nelson experience, so if you have questions or problems, do me a favor and don't freak out - just send me an email. I'll work it out to the best of my ability. 

Be cool. It's all good.

Refunds and Exchanges



 If a package is returned to Nelson Makes Art! for any reason (incorrect address, moved, unknown, etc.) the buyer will be contacted at once to arrange for the item to be shipped out again and submit payment for additional shipping charges. It is the buyer's responsibility to respond to our emails or conversations. If the buyer does not respond within eight weeks - the item(s) are re-inventoried and are no longer eligible for refund or fulfillment. The buyer may request a refund on Items which are on hold (during the eight-week window) and will be refunded for a full refund (minus original shipping.)



 If you are unhappy with an item, please let me know ASAP. My priority is to make sure that you're satisfied with every purchase you make with Nelson Makes Art! Should any problems arise please know that I am more than willing to work with you to find a resolution? 

I work under the policy of Satisfaction Guaranteed. Upon receipt of your package, if there is any problem or anything amiss, please contact me ASAP via email at Nelson makes art at within seven (7) days of receiving your package.

I pride myself on customer service and will work with you so that you are satisfied with your experience with me.

I accept both refunds and exchanges, so please do not hesitate to contact me within seven days of receiving your package. Contact me anytime at Nelson makes art at You must contact me before mailing any return/exchange to receive a return authorization - all packages which are not authorized will be refused. Any additional fees/duties/vats/shipping expenses will be at the buyer’s expense. 



 If there is a problem with your order in any way, please contact me first.

Please take photos of any issues or problems you might have. I make and inspect all of my products thoroughly before shipping. I cannot issue a refund or credit without photographic proof of artistry/material defects. No restocking fees will be incurred if the return/exchange is due to manufacturing errors.

An important note about all items purchased from Nelson Makes Art! All glassware is one of a kind. There are no mirror duplications or prints of Huli Pau Glassware. Each glass is hand-painted with the intent of making everyone different in some way. This means your glasses may seem remarkably different from a set purchased by someone else, or they may seem similar. However, as they are art, my core intent to provide you with one-of-a-kind, quality art glassware. 



 Once shipped, if there is a problem, you have seven days NO EXCEPTIONS from the date you receive the item to contact me via email: If you are unhappy with your purchase and wish to return your item, I will issue a full refund minus the original cost of shipping and any applicable restocking fees. You must contact me first as any packages sent without authorization will be refused.



ITEMS NOT ELIGIBLE Refunds will not be issued on discounted, sale, or discontinued items.

Any items purchased during a store-wide sale, clearance, or special deal are FINAL SALE items and as such are not eligible for return. Items which have been discontinued and are noted as such in the description are also FINAL SALE and not eligible for return. NO exceptions.

Items being returned need to be in ORIGINAL unused condition. You must include documentation relating to your order including Order Number and name of the buyer. I cannot process returns if I do not have this information. Items returned without this information will be refused and returned to sender.

General Note on Wear, Tear, and Care of glassware: My products are made from high-quality materials, and I recommend that glassware is always hand-washed in cold or warm water using only mild dishwashing detergents and then air-dried. My glassware is not considered dishwasher safe - placing painted glassware in a dishwasher may result in the paint chipping away in some places or entirely! Washing items in hot water or a dishwasher, drying items on hot, and washing too frequently may result in damage to the paint. The buyer is responsible for the care of their items - I assume no responsibility nor will refunds be issued for improper care, premature wear, or wear and tear over time.

Items for return must be mailed back within seven days of contacting us. Items must be received within 14 days of original delivery. Items returned after the 14-day return window will not be accepted.

I will issue the refund after I have received and reviewed your return.

You are responsible for paying return postage and any costs associated with your return.

If you wish to exchange your item for a different style, I can make arrangements to do so. Buyer is responsible for any and all shipping charges as well as any price differential in the case of an exchange.

DO NOT wash glassware in dishwashers (even top-rack dishwasher will void your refund), use harsh detergents, or otherwise alter an item before you are certain you intend to keep it. Doing any of the above-listed voids any possible exchange or refund. 

Wholesale or orders valued over $200

Please contact me immediately if there is a problem with your order. Please do not mail anything back without receiving a return authorization from us. Items may be returned or exchanged only if defective/incorrect. I reserve the right to decline returns and exchanges on wholesale/orders valued over $200.