Off-Road Artworks - Commission Process

Ready to have your own mountain biking masterpiece? All you need is vision and possibly the perfect pictorial inspiration – and if that’s already in hand, we can make it happen!

1) Select your desired options at checkout. When customizing a scene such as featuring an action-packed snapshot of an awesome biker move, be sure to click “custom” under scenes and provide us with a little information in the notes section - we will follow up via email in a few days for photos and any more information we need. We'll recreate your image but add our own twist--abstracting some detailing away so its one-of-a-kind masterpiece made specifically for you!

The purchase price includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. This commitment will enable us to bring these beautiful works into your home! And please remember - we need your email to contact you about your choices.

2) In just a few days, we'll reach out via email to make sure all of your decisions are confirmed and that no details have been overlooked. Once everything has been verified and double checked, we're delighted to begin the creative journey with you -- crafting a digital ‘artist proof’ (aka 'rough draft’) inspired by your vision! Don't worry if there's something off; one round of revisions is included in our commitment for giving life to art!

3) Once you give the final seal of approval on your custom digital artist proof, Nelson will set to work and bring it to life in paint! We'll snap a picture once completed before sealing off vibrant colors with clear Art Resin or varnish, and then setting it aside to cure. Then voila - we ship straight out to make sure its beauty graces your walls as soon as possible!

Our custom artwork commissions take a minimum of one month to produce before they're ready for shipment, but if we get busy the wait time could be longer. Commissioning stunning art can add life and energy to your home or workspace - so don't delay in beginning your creative journey!