Glassware Care


  • DO use your glass to enjoy cool, refreshing beverages responsibly
  • DO drink from an unpainted rim of the glass.
  • DO wash your glass when it gets dirty.  For best results, use water and mild dishwashing detergent.  We strongly recommend against using a dishwashing machine of any kind.  On the other hand: For worst results, throw out of an airplane
  • DO feel free to daydream about your favorite vacation spot while chilling out with this glass
  • DO share this glass with a friend.  For best results, buy them one!


  • DON'T put the glass anywhere cold.  For example, don't put your glasses in the freezer to chill them.  Although we wholeheartedly believe in chilled drinks (enjoyed responsibly), remember, these glass are one of a kind and art.  Typically, we don't put our art in the freezer.
  • DON'T put anything hot in them either.  These glasses  And not insulated.  They'll get hot.  Real hot.  And then hurt.  Fastest way to end daydreaming about Hawaii.
  • DON'T lick the paint.  Drink from the unpainted rim of the glass.  We left plenty of room.
  • DON'T be rough with your glass or reckless with your glass, like throwing it out of an airplane.