Hand Painted Mid-Century Barware Rocks!

April 11 2019 – Nelson Ruger

Hand Painted Mid-Century Barware Rocks!
Hand Painted Mid-Century Barware Rocks!

You know we do a lot more than Original Wall Art and Large Canvases, right?  From hand painted beach glasses to hand crafted jewelry, to holiday ornaments and Christmas Decor, part of what makes what we do so much fun is the diversity in products and styles that we create.

And these are no different - here’s a quick update on our cool new mid-century-style Barware, made just for the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Show!

If you saw our previous post about the debut of our retro-style hand painted shakers, then you’ll be excited to see all the different styles we’ve made!  Each of these is hand painted and then sealed using a metal sealer that makes it hand washable (not machine washable - trust me - just don't - it melts both the sealer and the paint)  

They're professional grade shakers that any bartender will love - weighted and balanced.  And just the right amount of Mid-Century cool.

As we develop more styles we will share it with you on social media, our blog and newsletter!



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